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Suppress display alerts

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Suppress display alertsOffice applications like Word and Excel will sometimes give an alert. For example when you try to save a workbook but the filename already exists. This will cause a procedure to pause while the application is waiting for an answer or confirmation.

In such cases it can be useful to suppres display alerts.

Optimize calculation time of worksheet data in VBA

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optimize calculation time worksheetWhen writing VBA code that does calculations based on worksheet data and then writes data back to the worksheet you might be waiting longer for a result than needed. Even more so if there are formulas in that worksheet.

There are or course more ways to optimize the calculation time. Obviously the alghoritm of your code has to be as efficiƫnt as possible. The functions you choose, the order in which things are processed and how they are processed etc.

But apart from good coding practices this method shows a very easy and fast way to cut down on the processing time by implementing 4 simple lines of code.